Friday, April 12th 2011

How to run an Eats On Feets chapter page

Running an Eats On Feets chapter page is rewarding and a wonderful way to get to know other moms and their babies, as well as midwives, doulas, lactation consultants and other professionals in your area.

The basic two things needed in order to run an Eats On Feets page are reposting offers and requests as admin so that all 'likers' of the page see them in their News Feed, and keeping the Wall clean of spam, ads and anything else not related to Eats On Feets and milk sharing.

A helpful aspect of an Eats On Feets admin is being in the position of networking with local moms and/or birth professionals, that is, being tied into your community, able to make real life connections. Eats On Feets operates locally, and chapters are run with local admins. Knowing or getting to know likeminded people will allow for the network to grow and flourish.

Something to remember is to let the moms (and dads) work things out. The page belongs to them. You may never know who is getting whose milk. Don't feel the need to keep lists or try to organize things. Less is more. Let the moms be responsible to match themselves up.

When questions about milk sharing arise, we have a Resource which contains much of the information available in order for parents to make informed choices about milk sharing. It can be linked to when needed on the pages. Other moms on the page are often also a wealth of information because of their experience. It is a wonderful thing to be able to involve them so that everyone can help each other!

For more information on what Eats On Feets does and does not do, please read our About section

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Thank you for your interest!